Feel confident, in control, and calm - no matter what life sends your way
Life can be stressful and overwhelming when you feel everything so deeply 
Loud noises, running late, critical comments - all of these can push you from kind of coping to completely falling apart… and you’re not really sure WHY. 
If you’ve learned strategies to protect yourself before, they may have worked for a while, but now it feels like it takes practically 24 hours a day to go through the check-list of self-help tools… and you’re still not feeling calm or confident.

No matter what you do, you’re easily rattled… a sensitive soul… all the time.

It doesn’t have to be that way any more. You can feel your feelings AND remain calm and in control. 
Hi, I'm Ashley Stamatinos...
I can help you get clear about what tools and strategies are right for you.

I've been sick, sad and burnt out. My journey includes healing myself of fibromyalgia, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.
Doctors told me that I would be on medications and in pain for the rest of my life. I’m living proof that you can change anything…even when you feel like there is no hope.

Let's get you out of the cycle of struggle, where you're trying to figure everything out by yourself. Read on to find out how you can join us. 

Together anything is possible!
Ashley Stamatinos 
5X #1 Bestselling Author & Mindset Strategist
World’s #1 Trusted Authority for Strengthening the Emotions of both Empath’s and Highly Sensitive People
After speaking with thousands of Highly Sensitive People, I find a few common things.
You feel you are alone and you don't have people around you that really understand how you function. You tell me that you give, give, give, and the people around you just take, and this leaves you feeling depleted.

In THRIVE, we understand that cycle because we’ve LIVED it - and now, I can give you the skills to escape that cycle once and for all.

Thousands of Highly Sensitive Women have used these skills to turn their emotional sensitivities into their greatest strengths, and they can help you too!
After joining THRIVE, you can...
  •  Be fully equipped to handle any judgments sent your way
  •  Breathe easy without guilt, shame, anger, fear, worry and regret in your life
  •  Learn to listen to the subtle whispers of your body
  •  Reduce stress, anxiety and burn-out before they enter your world
  •  Stay well and repel the sickness caused by emotional stressors
  •  Defeat energy drainers so you stay centered
  •  Address victims in ways that won’t deplete you
  •  Step out of reaction mode
  •  Step into your full potential
  •  Appreciate your natural sensitivities
  •  Become more confident and centered
  •  Get a better night’s sleep
  •  Strengthen your familial bonds
  •  Improve your friendships
  •  Diffuse arguments before they start
  •  Flourish in a way you never knew possible

Meet Other Like-Minded Souls & Find Your Tribe
Within this group you’ll create deep bonds with others that have a similar sensitive nervous system. 

Your peers within the program will likely become your life-long friends and understand you in a way no one else can. 

Join THRIVE and meet kindred spirits who understand and appreciate you for you..
This Is Perfect For You If:
  •  You’ve been labeled as “too sensitive” or “overly emotional”
  •  You easily pick up on other people’s emotions and can't shake them  
  •  You’ve been trying to protect your energy and it’s just not enough
  •  You’d like to stop judging yourself
  •  Despite your best efforts, you fall back into feeling exhausted again and again
  •  You crave support to maintain and increase your energy
  •  You’re passionate about improving your life
  •  You’re looking for lasting inner peace 
  •  You’re the type of person who is determined and you’re always seeking ways to improve your quality of life
This Is Not For You If:
  • You have alligator skin and you’re rarely bothered by other people’s judgments
  •  You never feel uncomfortable during or after social situations
  •  You never experience fatigue, stress or burn-out
  •  You feel like you already have it all figured out
  •  You’re argumentative or stubborn to your own disadvantage
  •  You are NOT open or ready to receive new suggestions
  •  You’re super skeptical, and more focused on looking for ways this WON'T work, instead of focused on how it COULD help.
What is Inside Your Emotional Confidence Library?
All six of these courses you see listed below (valued at $1,982) will be inside your THRIVE portal immediately after you register...and the best part, there is NO extra cost for you.
Total Value = $1,982 (Yours for FREE when you join)
You + Me + Community = BIG Boost In Your Confidence, Calmness, and Clarity
What People Are Saying About Ashley's Support
These students turned around their lives in a big way. Are you ready for your big change?
Imagine What It Will Feel Like To Have Your Hands On This Training... It's Going To Feel Like It Was Made Specifically For You...
Did you know there are a set of specific tools for people who are highly sensitive? 

Knowing this information will allow you to handle anything that comes your way without going into defense, protection or reaction mode. Think about how much energy you would have if you weren't constantly trying to "protect" your energy...
You'll See Measurable Growth & Success
Here’s the six stage growth and success plan you’ll experience in THRIVE.
You'll receive exact steps to take you to from your current stage to the next stage. You can feel supported knowing I’ll guide you through every stage of your journey.
At this point, you sense that life is about just surviving and keeping your head above water. Things can not go on as they are. Something must change. Feelings of unworthiness, guilt and shame are heavy. You’re experiencing burnout, exhaustion and energy drain. Even when you set boundaries and protect your energy, it isn’t enough. It’s hard to hide the overwhelming resentment, stress and anxiety growing inside.
A new sense of hope has recently emerged. You’ve pinpointed your sources of stress and energy drain. Trusting your intuition is challenging. Goals are scary because of fear of failure. Tools are coming in handy - but only when you remember to use them. Your actions are changing as you begin to make yourself more of a priority. When people say judgmental things about you, it still cuts deep and takes time to recuperate.
Your determination is strong. You see the value of vulnerability and you are able to share vulnerable moments from time to time. Identifying and developing gifts has become a passion and a priority. Your intuition is emerging and you are taking risks by following your inner voice even when you're not 100% trusting yet. You can let people be themselves without the need to fix, help, or heal them. 
The natural gifts within you are more consistently showing up. You are managing your stamina better and having more consistent energy instead of the constant high highs and low lows. You are becoming more flexible in adjusting your life to shift from the intuitive messages you receive. It's clear that people's judgments are ALWAYS about THEM, and you need only a little prompting to remember this.
Standing in your power and potency has become more common for you. You’re recognizing you have more potential than you realized. When obstacles in life arise, you look inward instead of hoping for answers from external sources. Authentic confidence is emerging, and the people around you are noticing. You hear subtle whispers from your body and take action to adjust.
Tools and strategies are deeply woven into everyday thoughts and actions with little need to remind yourself. Your light is shining bright and illuminating the lives of those around you. Overcoming obstacles, and maneuvering challenges now happens with speed. You are no longer looking at life through the lens of polarities, and life is about the possibilities instead of problems.
Here Is Exactly What You Will Receive Once You Join THRIVE: A Society for Sensitive Souls
Once inside the program, you'll be provided with access to a Private Facebook Community so you can connect with other like-minded people within the program so you can make supportive, lifelong friends and motivate each other.
Live Trainings
Enjoy at least 3 *LIVE* interactive video mentoring sessions every month. Join in every call and participate - or if you can't make it, send in your questions and listen for your answers on the replay.
You will have access to all of the video recordings (and their corresponding MP3's) right after each live mentoring call is over. You can listen to the replays on-the-go. 
Private Access
You will receive a unique login/password to an online console to access your training, so you can track your progress. Watch and learn anytime, 24/7
VIP Status
Special access to trainings that are not listed online.  
At least 4X a year, we share surprise bonus trainings. Topics include parenting, money mindset, business, relationships and so much more.
You Could Be The Next Success Story
This training has thousands of people move from "survival mode" into THRIVING. If these women can learn the skills that change their lives for the better, then you can, too. Hear it directly from them…
Removed Negative Self Talk & Found New Niche in Business

"I have always known that I was a sensitive person, but I recently realized there was another name for it…an Empath. Being so sensitive was stopping me from accessing my confidence to build my business as a health coach. I can strongly feel the emotions of people around me and they often would shut me down. I always thought I was weak, and other people shielded themselves better than I did. I didn’t know how to interact socially and often left feeling drained. Working with Ashley, I’ve learned to empower and ground myself and it’s an incredible weight off my shoulders and socials settings are now much more enjoyable! I don’t feel bombarded or debilitated by those emotional any longer. Ashley is a lovely bright soul and I’m so glad that she has chosen to share all of her wonderful gifts with us. Ashley's wisdom and guidance is spot on! If you’re feeling "stuck" in life - I would highly recommend working with Ashley!"

- Tammy Frank [Registered Nurse & Health Coach]
Went From Victim to Victor

"Before I met Ashley I was lost and my life was pretty messy. I was looking for guidance and inner peace. Ashley has provided me with the support and tools for me to grow and prosper. She has helped me learn how to control my emotions and become a victor instead of a victim. If you are looking to work with Ashley, I highly recommend it. She’s an inspiration and her drive is contagious. You won’t be disappointed.”

- Diana DeJong [Real Estate Consultant]
Gained New Focus In Business & Personal Confidence

“Working with Ashley was a great experience. She has a way of seeing things in your life from a perspective that is difficult for you to see yourself. And she always knows the right questions to ask to open you up to new possibilities and potentials. She teaches you tools that you can use over and over that help you empower yourself to move forward in your life with confidence. In our sessions we worked through several things going on in my life and she was not only able to navigate through them with ease, but could see the patterns and how they were interrelated. Plus she’s a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend working with her.”

- Connie Schumman [Product Manager]
Gain Confidence & Found Courage To Follow Her Dream Career

“I’ve been working with Ashley since 2015. She’s taught me a lot about myself. One of her best phrases is “what you resist persists.” My biggest ahha moment from working with Ashley was when I found out I was an Empath. Now that I know that I was able to heal myself. She’s also taught me how to expand my energy and now I’m able to work on communicating with animals. Ashley’s also changed my life in many other ways. I’m now launching my business and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without her. She’s an amazing teacher, healer and coach. Please take one of her classes and one of her webinars. Once you see how beautiful and energizing she is you’ll be hooked.”

- Lisa Reining [Animal Communicator & Healer]
From Frequent Burnout to More Energy And Ultimately More Money

“I first began working with Ashley in 2012. As an empath running my own coaching business, I really struggled with my energetic sensitivity as my business grew and I started taking on more clients. Before working with Ashley, I had a really hard time managing my energy. As much as I loved my work, I would often burn out and would have no choice but to take time to recoup. This inevitably led to not serving my clients as well as I wanted, as well as less income coming in during those times. With the help of Ashley’s practical tools and mindset shifts, I was able to end my cycle of burning out and assist my clients on a greater level. I am so grateful for Ashley’s support and would highly recommend working with her if you love your service-based work, but struggle with burn out due to your energetic sensitivity. Thank you Ashley!”

-Lauren Wardell [Mindset Coach]
Stepped Out Of Survival Mode And Started Thriving

"Before working with Ashley I was constantly feeling drained. I was always picking up pains from other people and I didn’t even know I was doing this. Ashley really helped me to empower myself and really understand what was happening to cause this on an energetic level. She teaches really simple and incredibly effective tools to help you release what you’ve been picking up and to be in a state where you can feel healthy and happy constantly. I use these tools all day every day and I’m so grateful for them. I really am seeing that I was barely surviving in my past. Honestly, to me Ashley’s examples are like training wheels on a bike that I forgot I even had under me to ride. If you’re considering working with Ashley, do yourself a favor and do it. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose at all." 

– Charlotte Elisabeth [Licensed Massage Therapist & Professional Performer]
Stopped Hiding in Darkness and Started Living Unapologetically

"At times in my life I have found myself surrounded in darkness and at those moments I have reached out to Ashley... BAMB a huge rush of light transcends my soul, my thoughts take flight and my world enjoys the sunlight of her wisdom!! I hold her in the highest degree!! She is trustworthy caring and a wonderful guide for my life and my spirit :) !! Do NOT miss out on the amazement of her!! Join today!!"

-Joyce Detrich [Thai Clinical Bodywork Therapist & Master Energy Healer]
No Longer Has Trouble Communicating with Her Child That Has Autism

"Hi, my name is Dianne and I am a mother of three children, one who is autistic. Ashley and I go way back; however, recently we have reconnected and I am truly very lucky to have had this wonderful reconnection with her. In the past I have had issues trying to understand my child. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted because I could not communicate well with my child. Ashley has reminded me that I am an empath and that our first language is energy. I have then come to understand that we empaths easily pick up on other people’s emotions. Autistic children are the same. Now my child and I communicate smoothly. She has taught me to ask my child questions and how they have such great awareness. I really appreciate Ashley for all her wisdom and insight. She has really impacted my life immensely." 

– Dianne Martinez [Mother of three children]
From Heavy Overwhelm to Confidently Stepping Into Her Full Potential

"I first met Ashley in 2014, through a beloved friend. I can look back to that pivotal moment and see just how much my life has shifted since then! At the time I didn't even have any concept of how to work with my sensitivities, and feeling overwhelmed was the norm for me. Learning to ask "Is this mine?" created an instant lightness that I could FEEL! I had no idea that pretty much *everything* I felt didn't even belong to me! Ashley has the ability to guide you with such ease and gentleness into your full potential, and having help in navigating my inner world has been the greatest gift! There's so much more to this reality than meets the eye.. and I'm so grateful to Ashley for helping align me with all there is to see!"

-Christina Birdsong [Holistic Health Practitioner]
Frequently Asked Questions
Click on any of our frequently asked questions below to see the answer. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the team.
I already have a bunch of other online courses that I haven't looked at yet. What makes THRIVE different?
THRIVE is not “another online course". This is an interactive experience with accountability, live calls and a tremendous amount of support. I know you’re overwhelmed with the content, courses, and information floating around in cyber space. You will receive exact strategies so you can take the next steps right away. You’ll never be left alone to figure it out on your own. You have me... and a tribe of like-minded people to guide you and cheer you on.
When do I get access to all of the bonus courses inside The Emotional Confidence Library?
Right away! The entire library, including the Videos, Cheat Sheets, MP3's, etc., will ALL be waiting for you inside your online console right after you join THRIVE.
How much is the investment to become a member?
It’s currently $25 per month, or $250 annually (save 2 months) to become a member. This is a SPECIAL offer for my founding members. You will not see this low offer again.
What if I feel it's not what I expected? Can I request a refund?
I believe that the membership program will meet and exceed your expectations. If you feel this membership program has offered you no value, then I do offer a 14 day window after purchase for you to claim a refund. The bottom line is this... If you put in, even a little effort, you will get a lot out of this program.
I'm just starting out on my journey. Will I be lost?
Nope! You will not be lost. I will cover the foundational elements right away, and you will be nurtured from whatever level you enter.
Is this just for newbies? I'm pretty far along on my journey, and I even coach other people.
No, not at all! The way I present content is designed to be received differently by the newbie or the highly experienced. Even if you are far along on your journey, you are always encountering the unknown and new problems arise to rock the boat. Wherever you are in your journey, the THRIVE is here to help you excel!
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, but I really hope you won't! You are free to cancel your membership plan from inside your membership dashboard at anytime.
Can I join the THRIVE at anytime?
No. I limit the enrollment window to a few times a year, so that I can create an experience where new members are warmly received, fully supported, and genuinely guided in the direction that is right for them.When the countdown clock above hits zero, I close the doors and put 100% of my attention on the new member that have just joined the club.
You’ve Struggled For So Long - You Don’t Have To Go It Alone Anymore. 
Are You Ready To Join?
It's Decision Time
Are you in, or are you out?
I know what it’s like to be afraid to have a goal, because you don't want to set yourself up for disappointment.

I know what it’s like to be stuck in the seemingly endless cycle of burnout... recuperation... burnout... recuperation. Living on that hamster wheel is exhausting!

I know what it’s like to know you have a calling... but to also want to give up on your dreams because there are so many roadblocks in your way

I also know how to move through these challenges and get to the other side... and I would love to help you do the same. 

When you join THRIVE today, I'll be here to guide you... long term.... and I'll be here to help you make goals and then EXCEED them!

Not only will you receive training and coaching and guidance - you’ll also be surrounded with the support of other ambitious women - women like you who show you it CAN be done. 

The time to make a decision and reach for the confidence, clarity, and calmness is right now. 

We’d love to have you join us.

Warmest wishes,
Make Your Decision and Join THRIVE: A Society for Sensitive Souls Today
This is a ONE TIME ONLY offer for founding members.

After the countdown timer hits zero, THRIVE doors close until the next enrollment period. If you join as a founding member, you'll lock in your pricing and enjoy all the trainings, coaching, and surprises for the entire time you're a member.

(Billed monthly, no set up fee.)

Receive access to...
  • The THRIVE Training Library
  • All Past and Future MONTHLY Trainings 
  • LIVE Group Mentoring Video Interactive Calls
  • LIVE Group Accountability Interactive Sessions
  • Membership in a warm and supportive Private Facebook Community
  • All Courses Inside "The Emotional Confidence Library" (value $1,982)
  • Surprise Bonus Trainings
(Billed annually, no set up fee.)

Receive access to...
  • The THRIVE Training Library
  • All Past and Future MONTHLY Trainings 
  • LIVE Group Mentoring Video Interactive Calls
  • LIVE Group Accountability Interactive Sessions
  • Membership in a warm and supportive Private Facebook Community
  • All Courses Inside "The Emotional Confidence Library" (value $1,982)
  • Surprise Bonus Trainings
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